11 04 13 - 너라고
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I decided to utilize my dreamwidth account. So yeah, that’s why I posting right now. This is going to be my totally random but really fandom related blog. I was supposed to use my domain but with all the fiasco that’s happening recently, I think it is safe that I have alternative. So me thinks, this is a great idea to finally use this little space. I wanted this to be fandom related blog from the very beginning, so I guess I’m sticking to my original idea. But that being said, don’t expect some insightful things here because I won’t be posting something like that. It’s more fangirling and major spazzing, so yeah. I’m such a dork, forgive me.

Anyways, I still disappointed that I’m not rich that I didn’t see SuJu live. I found the new quite late, like 2 weeks or so till the date. So I didn’t have enough money (actually I’m broke) so I just ended up watching youtube videos. And the thing is it made me more frustrated because it looked they did some awesomeness there. Plus, that was Heechul first concert after his enlistment. Yes, it was a complete bummer, alright.

After watching those, I’m became addicted again to suju that I watched random videos about them. I haven’t seen the promos they did for their 6jib so those were so fun to watch. I then stumbled across a #darahae fan video and oh my gosh, I shipped them hard now. Like ohemgee!!! *major spazz*  The tweet where Dara asked if ‘do you love me?’ (referring to their single) and minutes later Donghae tweeted ‘I do’ made me swoon to the moon. I shipped them guys! Two real people, oh my gosh, it wasn’t supposed to happen to me but it did and I’m happy. I also read the rumor that they were supposed to be on #wegotmarried, I was like ‘no way!!! then why the hell it didn’t happen?’ Apparently papa YG didn’t allow her. I mean she’s almost 30, it’s about time to send her girl out. *tee hee*

I also watched a video where Sungmin wanted 2ne1 to be his friends, specifically, Dara. I was, sungmin-shii you too? Haha, it was so adorable. I also kinda liked him for her (just in case it didn’t work out for darahae…(I have yet seen any ‘real’ evidence but those were still swoon infested, LMAO.)

01 26 12 - You know it's impulsive when I don't make sense.
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Heard a lot of people are moving here and of course I don’t want to be left out so here I am, kind of reviving this little space. I cringed when I saw the last entry. 2010?? Really, Mitchii, really? But who am I to complain look at my livejournal too, last Feb of last year? Tsk…Tsk…tsk… I slack big time, did I? LOL But I can’t guarantee you folks if that will change; writing about what happened with my life isn’t really my thing. The details kinda slipped out when I decided to write something, besides my life is pretty much boring. With a capital B. I just post something, so I can say—I update, I rock (not really). No seriously, this post is pretty much nothing, so don’t bother. LOL.

I’m not sure if I’m also leaving livejournal, despite the news I heard, and people flocking from there to here, eljay have huge sentimental value to me. I wasn’t fanlisting owner back then, I don’t make sites. Twitter is nowhere to be found. But livejournal exist. And once upon a time that’s my solace. So…you know…it’s hard. Plus, who am I kidding, I’m not updating frequently, not much of a change regardless.

Aaaaaaaaaah, what a crappy entry!!! Hey, at least it’s an update. (and particularly happy with my tinsy accomplishment). /back to watching WGM for the nth time.
10 14 10 - Because this road is all you'll ever have
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Well, well, well – here I am posting in dreamwidth (again), after this and this happened, lj starting to become less appealing to me. I am actually so close on leaving lj and permanently stay here in dreamwidth for good but like I previously mentioned the communities and some friends are still there so that drawn me back from my initial decision.

Change again the layout (real reason why I post... and just checking). Why do I always do that? Even in lj. Have you seen my scrapbook?

08 01 10 - after a year, I remember.
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So hello there my dreamwidth. I totally forgot about this account (although I’m also lazy to update in livejournal). Then I decided to take visit, log in and check what’s happening after more than a year since I last logged in. Nothing much change, my inbox was full of updates from DW and the icon slot increases, from 6 to 15. Cool, right? I mean in lj if you want more icon, you can buy slots or upgrade (paid or plus – if you don’t have the money like me). Bottom line is… it’s cool. In a moment, I feel like transferring here permanently but since the communities I followed are more active in lj, so I’ll I stick there.

I still wanted this as my public journal. I also wanted to create a public blog in my domain but I’m thinking what the hell will I put there. I’m a lazy poster and blogging is not good for people like me – who slacks a lot. So maybe I’ll think about it.

Just like to post. But I’m beginning to like DW more. I change the layout. Whatever.
06 08 09 - my dreamwidth account
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Well, yeah. I still don’t know what to do with this journal. I was thinking of making it like “anything goes topic” type of blog. Then I realized I’m not a blogger and I hardly post anything that is interesting to discuss or more importantly, to read for that matter. But this is such a waste considering dreamwidth is actually good. For starters, it doesn’t have ads, yeah ads sucks especially if the image blinks like crazy and then suddenly it change to weird stuff advertisement. Also, I really don’t mind the icon slots, I think six is good enough. And the one the thing that I appreciate a lot with DW is - - the customize comment page. Yeah, awesome right? Aside from the limited icons slots, it’s like you are enjoying this journal without costing you money. Great site, huh? But of course this site is through invites, I suppose. For now, not everyone will get the chance to have one. And I read it is still in beta, so they are still trying it out. I hope it works in the future.

 After that, I haven’t figure out what to do. But it is still great to have one just incase people starting moving from livejournal to dreamwidth. And I don’t want to cross post it with my entries in lj considering those are friends lock. Sometimes, I like to post entries that are meant for public viewing. But like I mentioned earlier, I’m not “blogger.” So hmmm… this is quite hard.

Maybe I’ll start reading, “how to’s” of blogging but before that I should polish my english.
05 20 09 - mandatory intro post
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Hi! I’m Mitchii ([personal profile] mogami  here xD) and this is my DW account (thanks to [personal profile] mirotic ), feel free to add me. I intended to keep this journal public while my eljay still (and will stay) as my personal blog. If I knew you in livejournal then most likely I’ll add you up but to anyone whose interested to keep up my insane and random post then you are very welcome to friend me (although everything will remain public until my brain still like the idea xD).

Yeah, here goes my dumb first post, now you’ll get a hint what you will read in the future; P

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